2011 BMW X5 M Typhoon G-Power – “More” Power and “Wider” Body – Road Test TV

September 12th, 2010 by Road Test TV

Road Test TV- In late 2009, G-Power introduced a 600 hp version of BMW’s X5 M. They called it the “Typhoon”.  The good news is that the extreme BMW tuner has been working on an even more powerful Typhoon.

2011 BMW X5 M G-Power Typhoon

MORE POWER.  G – Power increased power output by approximately 170 horsepower over the standard BMW X5 M for a staggering total of 725 horsepower (up from 555 horsepower).   Also, torque is increased to a whopping 660 lb·ft (890 Nm)  from  500 lb·ft (680 Nm) at 1,500 rpm. Top speed is more than 186 mph (300 km/h) and 0-62 mph is reached in 4.2 seconds making this X5 m one of the fastest SUVs produced.

G- Power added a set of sport catalytic converters and hi flow exhaust manifolds to reduce exhaust back pressure.  In addition, G-Power remapped the ECU and added plumbing between the turbochargers and the cylinder heads to minimize pressure and thermodynamic losses.   The modifications necessitated that torque had to be electronically limited and the BMW X5 M transmission had reinforced to handle up to 740 lb·ft (1000 Nm).

The new “wider” widebody Typhoon package starts at about $15,000.00 (plus installation) while the engine package to increase power to 725 horsepower cost about $21,000.

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