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September 19th, 2010 by Road Test TV

2012 Boss 302

Road Test TV – Ford engineers have been busy making a sequel to the original Boss 302 and they did not want to disappoint the Blue Oval faithful . Based upon the photos and specs of the new 2012 Boss 302, it looks like Ford will not disappoint and has hit a home run.

To make the Boss 302 externally unique from other Mustangs, each car will have either a black or white roof panel, coordinated to the color of the side C-stripe.  The Boss is available in the following striking colors: Competition Orange, Performance White, Kona Blue Metallic, Yellow Blaze Tri-Coat Metallic and Race Red.   

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Inside, the Boss receives a special Boss Alcantara steering wheel which complements the Boss seats. The standard Boss seats are trimmed in cloth with a suede-like center insert to firmly hold occupants in place.  For Boss buyers who must have the ultimate seating experience, the Boss 302 is available with Recaro bucket seats, designed by Ford SVT in cooperation with Recaro.

2012 Boss 302 engine

The Boss 302’s powertrain is also exclusive to the Boss.  Ford upgraded its new 5.0 liter power plant to Boss specs.  It has 32 valves, an aluminum block and will be packing approximately 440 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque.   Nice numbers from a naturally aspirated V8.  The Boss motor is also a high winder with a 7500 rpm redline which should work well with the 3.73 gears in the rear differential.

To balance out substantial suspension upgrades to the Boss, it receives lightweight black alloy 19-inch wheels in staggered widths: 9 inches in front, 9.5 inches in the rear.  The Boss 302 is also fitted with Pirelli PZero tires that have been engineered and sized specifically for each end of the vehicle.  The front wheels receiving 255/40ZR-19 tires while the rear puts power to the ground via 285/35ZR-19 rubber.  The Boss is also equipped with Brembo brakes and should be a well balanced package as well as a road course terror.

For more information regarding the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang, go to Ford’s official website here.

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