Johan Schwartz sets longest drift record in BMW M5 at 51.278 miles

May 16th, 2013 by Road Test TV

BMW M5 Longest Drift

Take Johan Schwartz, a BMW Performance Center Instructor, and take an unmodified BMW M5 sedan – what do you get? An event where the Guinness World Record for the longest sustained drift is smashed… by a lot.

Schwartz recently took a BMW M5 and drifted the car around a skid pad for a total of 51.278 miles. The previous record was set in February in Abu Dhabi at a total of 6.95 miles. Schwartz complete a total of 322.5 laps around the 841 foot round pad.

“I’m proud for many reasons,” Schwartz said. “Obviously for the new Guinness Book of World Record Drift, 51.278 miles (82.506 kilometers), but more importantly for the friends and sponsors who were able to make it, giving hot lap rides after the record drift and all the money that was raised for the BMW Charity Pro-Am presented by SYNNEX Corporation.”

The record-breaking drift brought in over $20,000 in charitable donations for The BMW Charity Pro-Am, which benefits more than 150 different charities.

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