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April 30th, 2011 by Road Test TV

We recently were given the opportunity to drive a bone stock Mercedes SL65 AMG to the drag strip down in Florida and make some passes. During our drive to the track, the SL65 was eerily quiet. Mercedes has done a unbelievable job of insulating its well healed SL65 owners from all mechanical sounds that may interfere with the Mozart (or Seether) that might be coming from the sound system. Even when you bury your right foot in the carpet, you can barely hear the engine or turbos. However, it is clear they’re working because you’re accelerating – and fast. Once on boost, the yellow traction control triangle on the instrument cluster starts violently blinking to let you know that over 700 lb/ft of torque is tearing rubber off of your tires. The world outside is quickly going from your windshield to your rear-view mirror, and an invisible hand mashes you into the leather and air-conditioned seats. Its a good feeling.

Once we arrived at Palm Beach International Raceway, most racers looked at us as if we didn’t belong; however, after a couple of passes their attitudes changed. The best run of the day on “STOCK” Bridgestone rubber was an 11.52 at over 120 mph.

That, my friends, is supercar territory. There was not another stock car in sight that ran times close to that in the Florida heat on stock rubber. In short, although expensive, the Mercedes SL65 AMG is an awesome all around luxury sports car for the lucky few who can pay the price of admission.

For those interested, I have included some of the Mercedes SL65 specifications below:

Base Price: $198,750.00

Weight: 4555 lbs


* Engine Type
6.0L V12 BiTurbo
* Power
604 hp @ 4800 rpm
* Torque
738 lb-ft @ 2000 – 4000 rpm
* Transmission
5-Speed Automatic
* Final Drive Ratio
2.65 to 1


* Front
19″ Aluminum
* Front Tires
255/35 ZR19
* Rear
19″ Aluminum
* Rear Tires
285/30 ZR19

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