News: World’s Fastest Nissan GTR with Stock Turbos! 10.06 @ 135.67 – Road Test TV

December 1st, 2010 by Road Test TV

Road Test TV – A 2010 Nissan GTR owned and driven by Sleepdoc of NAGTROC fame, became the fastest GT-R in the quarter mile with stock turbos.  This bad Nissan GT-R, catapulted off the line with a 1.45 60′ foot time and devoured the quarter mile in 10.06 @ 135.67 mph.

A complete list of Sleepdoc’s mods can be seen after the jump.

Sleepdoc’s mods during this run are as follows:

ECU: Cobb Accessport with the TCM upgrade AP NIS -006 – Custom Tuned by Jack Cecil of HP logic

INTAKE: Cobb SF intakes

EXHAUST : Kreissieg non-catted Downpipes, HKS resonated Midpipe, HKS Legamax TIG weld Catback

FUEL SYSTEM : ID 1000 cc injectors, HKS Fuel Pumps ( GT 600 kit)

FUEL : e85

WHEELS : Rear wheels are Volk TE37 Superlap 18×11 with 18 offset . Front are Stock 20″

TIRES : Rear Nitto NT05R drag radial 315/40/18. Front ( for this run ONLY) Michelin PS2’s stock size

WEIGHT: 3760 with 1/2 tank fuel, Passenger seat removed ( this run ONLY)

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