Supercharged Mustang 5.0 – Drag Video – 10.75 @ 128.82 mph (207 km/h)- Road Test TV

September 19th, 2011 by Road Test TV

The new Mustang GT with Ford’s potent modular 5.0 is a strong performer when stock. Its not uncommon to see stock 5.0 modular Mustangs running mid to low 13s with a capable driver. However, add a supercharger and a few other mods, and you’ve got a 10 second ride. Below is a video of a supercharged Mustang 5.0 making a strong pass at Palm Beach International Raceway. Notice the 1.56 60 foot time that the Mustang laid down as it ripped out of the hole on its way to a 10.75 @ 128.82 (207 km/h).

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