New Results! Stock 2011 BMW X5M vs. RENNtech tuned 2011 BMW X5M – Drag Race Video – Road Test TV

October 22nd, 2011 by Road Test TV

Last night, the weather was a little cooler in South Florida (low 70s – high 60s). As such, we decided to take advantage of the favorable DA (density altitude) and bring our RENNtech tuned BMW X5M back to the quarter mile drag strip at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) . While at PBIR, we were lucky enough to meet up with some BMW enthusiasts who brought their stock X5M to the drag strip for testing. We figured this would be a perfect opportunity to test how much faster a RENNtech tuned X5M is than a stock X5M. To take any variables out of the equation, we raced the X5Ms against each other three (3) times. When the dust settled, it was clear that a RENNtech tuned BMW X5M is 6 tenths of a second quicker and 6 mph (10 km/h) faster that a stock X5M in the 1/4 mile. The tuned X5M ran 12.09 @ 113.3 mph (182 km/h) whereas the stock X5M ran 12.72 @ 107.62 mph (172 km/h).

Our tuned X5M maintains its stock exhaust, stock airboxes, stock (heavy) runflat tires, stock catalytic converters and stock down pipes. In short, everything is stock except the tune.

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