Drag Race Video !! 2010 Challenger SRT 8 Hemi vs. 2011 Camaro SS 6 speed – Road Test TV

April 29th, 2012 by Road Test TV

Camaro SS vs Challenger SRT 8 Drag RaceThe battle of the pony cars started in the 60s and is alive and well today. We captured a Hemi Orange SRT 8 Challenger going head to head  against a 5th Generation Camaro SS.  The Challenger was equipped with a 6.1 liter Hemi V8 engine with 425 horsepower and an automatic transmission. The Camaro SS was a 6 speed with a 426 horsepower 6.2 liter LS3 V8. The Camaro cut a better light, but the SRT Challenger got a better launch. Watch the video to see who wins.

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