Drag Test Video !! LS9 Chevrolet C6 Corvette ZR1 – 11.2 @ 128 mph w/ stock tires in South Florida “SWAMP” air – Road Test TV

April 1st, 2012 by Road Test TV

We recently had the chance to sample a Corvette ZR-1 for a soft 1/4 mile pass at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Since we were glad to have the opportunity and did not want to break the owner’s heart by breaking his $100,000.00 Corvette, we made an easy pass just to stretch the ZR1’s legs. I can report that the ZR1 did not disappoint.

Even though we just eased the supercharged LS9 out of the hole on its stock 20 inch rubber, the ZR1 laid down an impressive 11.2 @ 128 mph in hot, humid Florida air. With a set of drag radials and a little more seat time, the ZR1 will easliy run deep in the 10’s. Enjoy the video below.

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