Hennessey Ford GT breaks Texas Mile record at 267.6 mph

March 25th, 2013 by Road Test TV

Hennessey Ford GT breaks Texas Mile record 2

We here at RoadTestTV love breaking records – especially on the track. Hennessy has just announced that it has broken the Texas Mile speed record once again with a modified Ford GT.

Now as a reminder, the Hennessey Ford GT is a full road-legal car that has power windows, a climate control system, airbags and an inspection sticker.

On Saturday, Hennessey managed to run their modified Ford FT at Texas Mile – hitting a top speed of 267.6 mph. The previous record by Hennessey’s Ford GT was 263.3 mph in October of 2012.

The Ford GT by Hennessey is powered by a 5.4 liter Accufab Racing engine featuring two Precision turbochargers.

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