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March 10th, 2012 by Road Test TV

2012 Mercedes Benz E63 BiTurbo2012 Mercedes Benz E63 BiTurbo Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Exciting news! The staff at RoadTestTV just took delivery of a 2012 Mercedes Benz E63 for a long term project. Our plan is to make performance modifications that will not effect driveability. Our E63 is equipped with a Limited Slip Differential and Carbon Ceramic Brakes.

For 2012, Mercedes thankfully replaced the E63’s naturally aspirated 6.2 liter V8 engine (rated at 507 hp and 465 lb-ft) that has been around since 2007, with a 5.5 liter BiTurbo V8. Although the old 6.2 liter was a high winder, we missed the torque of the E55’s 5.4 liter Kompressor motor which the 6.2 replaced.

The good news for 2012 is that torque is back and Mercedes offers two versions of the new BiTurbo V8 in the E63. The base 5.5 liter V8 BiTurbo is rated at 518 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque at the crank. The optional AMG “Performance Package” increases the boost on the turbos from 14.5 psi to 18.8 psi. As a result, horsepower jumps from 518 to 550 and torque from 516 lb-ft to 590.

When we took delivery of our E63, it had 12 miles on the odometer. To date, we have driven about 500 miles. As such, the break-in period is nearly over. In the near future, we plan to get baseline horsepower and torque numbers on a DynoJet dyno; however, our “seat of the pants” dyno tells us that the E63 is a beast. We will keep you informed of our progress.

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