News! Just An Ordinary Day at RENNtech – Road Test TV

March 11th, 2011 by Road Test TV

The Road Test TV crew traveled South to attend a few motorsport events and decided to stop by RENNtech’s Florida headquarters. Well, we are happy to report that the economic downturn has had no impact on RENNtech’s customers.  In fact, business is booming at RENNtech and they have some amazing projects underway.

While we were there, we saw some unbelievable cars undergoing the RENNtech transformation.  The technicians at RENNtech were installing Limited Slip Differentials, ECU upgrades, camshafts, throttle bodies, long tube headers, modified transmissions – just for starters.  We witnessed magic being performed on four (4) SL65 Black Series, (3) SLSs, two (2) SLRs and countless other AMG E55s, S65s, CL65s and SL63s.  In addition, a few C63s were having RENNtech’s new wide-body kit installed.  Truly a sight to behold. We also had the opportunity to go for a ride in RENNtech’s Record Holding CL65. We are still stuttering from the eyeball flattening experience.  This daily driven CL65 has over 850 horsepower, and was braking the tires loose from 70 mph.  Unreal.

If you have a Mercedes and want to turn it into a luxurious pavement pounding monster, contact RENNtech at .

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