RENNtech SLR McLaren NEW WORLD RECORD – 10.29 @ 134 mph and backs it up – Road Test TV

May 13th, 2011 by Road Test TV

Last night, May 11, 2011, at Palm Beach International Raceway, on a hot muggy night, a RENNtech modified SLR McLaren broke its own World Record of 10.43 @ 133 mph with a 10.29 @ 134 mph.

After running a record breaking 10.43 @ 133 mph a few weeks ago, RENNtech took the SLR back to the shop and modified the exhaust, engineered a more agressive tune and picked up another 30 or so horsepower. This monster SLR is now making almost 800 horsepower and is consistent as well. How consistent? It backed up it’s World Record run of 10.29 @ 134 mph with another 10.29 @ 134 mph on the very next run. Hit play on the video below, and watch both runs including a GoPro quarter mile ride from the driver’s seat of the SLR.

The SLR sports a hand-built 5.4 L (331.9 cu in), supercharged, all-aluminium, SOHC V8 engine with three valves per cylinder. When stock, the Lysholm-type twin-screw supercharger produces approximately 0.9 bar (13 psi) of boost and generates 617 horsepower (460 kW; 626 PS) @6500 rpm.

This RENNtech modified SLR makes approximately 770 horsepower and is equipped with a RENNtech modified supercharger pulley for more boost as well as a RENNtech tuned ECU. In addition, this SLR is equipped with a RENNtech Hi Flo exhaust, modified heat exchanger as well as a higher volume intercooler pump and Hoosier Drag Radials

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