Report: New Lamborghini Gallardo coming in a ‘short time’

May 1st, 2013 by Road Test TV

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini has been quite busy for the past couple of years working on the new Aventador and its drop-top version. At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini debuted the very dynamic Veneno supercar followed by a 50th anniversary edition of the Aventador at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show.

So, what’s going on with the replacement for the Gallardo. According to Weiming Soh, Volkswagen Group China’s sales and marketing, who spoke with AutoCar, the next-generation Gallardo will arrive in a ‘short time.’

“We will come out with a new Gallardo in a short time and be able to further progress with Lamborghini,” said Soh.

Audi is also working on a replacement for the R8 supercar, which is the Gallardo’s sister car, for a launch some time in 2014.

Source: AutoCar

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