Report: Maserati to build its own version of the Ferrari LaFerrari

May 7th, 2013 by Road Test TV

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari 5

Maserati is looking into developing its own version of the Ferrari LaFerrari supercar – a spiritual successor to its MC12 Stradale hypercar. The model could launch some time in 2015 and will use the same architecture and technology as the LaFerrari.

When asked about the possibility by AutoCar, Maserati CEO Harald Wester said that “It is always the right time for a halo car. The focus for us at the moment is on the ramp-up for sales growth, but there is an opportunity.”

Insiders say that if Maserati was to move forward with a hypercar it would use the LaFerrari’s chassis and suspension. Power would also come from a retuned version of the 789-hp 6.3 liter V12 found in the LaFerrari – however, any hybridization will be taken away.

The original MC12 used a detuned version of the Ferrari Enzo’s V12 making 620-hp. The Enzo’s engine was capable of producing more than 650-hp.

Source: AutoCar

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