World Fastest Mercedes CL65! 10.62 @ 133.7 mph – Road Test TV

March 6th, 2010 by Road Test TV

Road Test TV- This Bad AMG Benz is currently the World’s Fastest and Quickest Mercedes CL65.  It just set the record for a CL65 in the quarter mile with a 10.62 @ 133.70.  Considering it is a daily driven 4700 lbs luxury barge, that impressive. The CL65 has been massaged by the gurus at RENNtech and includes a RENNtech modified ECU/TCU, intercooler upgrade (modified pump and heat exchanger), limited slip differential, ram air, high flow exhaust (200 cell cats).  On the dyno this monster put down 708 rwhp and 811 rwtq.  Amazingly, this Mercedes CL65 is still running its stock turbos, and stock intercoolers. The motor has never been apart and it maintains all of its stock internals.

Update, this CL65  also ripped through the traps in standing mile at 191.186 mph.  To give prospective, a stock 2010 638 hp ZR1 Corvette will run between 175-178 mph in the standing mile.

To watch the video, click below:

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